Thinkware Dash cam F750 2ch 32gb


Thinkware F750 Dash Cam (Front & Rear + Hardwire kit + 32gb memory card inc )

The F750 is one of a new generation of dash cams that integrates a host of new features to improve driving safety. For people looking for a premium dash cam the Thinkware F750 front and rear camera package is the choice for you.
  • 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH
  • F750 Front Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • 30fps recording
  • Road Safety Warning System
  • Safety Camera Alert
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in GPS
  • 32gb memory card
  • Hard wire kit
Front and Rear Cameras

This pack includes the F750 front camera and the rear camera upgrade. Having both cameras allows you to record the front and rear of the vehicle for even better coverage of the road.

Road Safety Warning System

The F750 incorporates technology previously only seen in high end luxury vehicles.
Lane Departure monitors road markings and if you begin to drift from your road lane the F750 will give a voice warning.
Front Collision detection sounds a voice warning if you get too close to a vehicle or object in front.
Safety Camera alerts

The F750 uses its database of camera locations and GPS technology to alert you to safety camera locations. The voice alert system also advises of average speed zones and what the speed limit is.
Example voice alerts
“Average speed zone. Speed limit is XX miles per hour.”
“Speed camera in XXX yards, speed camera ahead.”
Full HD Recording

The F750 has full 1080P 140° wide angle recording through its front and optional rear camera to provide you with the best quality recording of your journey. The cameras record at an impressive 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame.
Auto-image correction

The camera uses auto image correction technology to ensure you always get the best video quality no matter what conditions you are driving in. Auto correct incorporates:
  • Intelligent auto exposure
  • Smart focusing system
  • Noise reduction system
  • ACCE (Adaptive Colour & Contrast Enhancement)
Built in GPS

With a built-in GPS antenna, the F750 embeds speed, time and location data to the recorded videos to give you all the crucial information you need after an incident.
The user can also review their driving route and history with the integrated maps function in the THINKWARE PC Viewer.
Dual Save™

The Dual Save technology is specially designed to save recorded footages in both the microSD memory card and the built-in internal memory in incident recording, safeguarding against the loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision. In the event that the memory card is damaged, the Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of the video in the internal memory.
Built-in Wi-Fi

Now WiFi-enabled, you can easily control, manage and configure the settings of your dash cam with a smart phone.
Through the THINKWARE Dashcam Mobile app*,the F750 provides a truly convenient way for you to view real-time recordings, download, access or delete recorded videos all on your mobile phone.
Anti-Vibration Mounting, No Blur Images

Small but mighty, the 3M adhesive mount ensures that your view of the road is clear, while eliminating vibration and windshield glare.
Compared to the suction cup mount, the 3M tape mount is easier to install and the device can be conveniently detached from and reattached to the mount. It has been proven to be the most secure method of dash cam installation.
Recording Modes

The Thinkware Dash Cam F750 has a number of recording modes available:
Continuous: this is the normal operating mode that activates when you turn on the engine. One minute video segments are recorded with auto-looping to overwrite older video (unless protected).
Incident recording: if your vehicle is involved in an impact the G Sensor will trigger auto recording of the 10 seconds prior to, and after the incident. This will provide evidence you may need.
Manual Mode: this allows you to use the F750 just like a video camera.
Thermal Protection

The F750 has a built in thermal sensor that will shut off the camera to prevent overheating.

Hard wire kit

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